Peggy Fairfax Herrick: Reviews

"As we've learned more about the sophisticated tastes of our customers, Panache has worked hard to find artisans whose creations complement those tastes. A master of whimsy and individualistic expression, Peggy Fairfax Herrick has been a consistent favorite of ours, and we are proud to introduce a broader line of her wonderfully imaginative work. The original inspiration for Ms. Herrick's artwork was a desire to spend more time with her husband! As an avid woodworker, he devoted many hours to his craft, finally introducing his wife to his well-equipped workshop in 1981. She discovered her artistic ability to carve and create from wood - and soon her hobby became her profession. Today Ms. Herrick works in a variety of media in her California studio, expressing her witty perspective in playful home decor products and conversation-sparking tabletop pieces."
- Panache, Fall 2000